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McFarland High School Music

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Concert Programs and Newspaper Articles
McFarland High School Music Ensembles 


1969 through 1973

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All download files are Free. The high quality .PDF file format allows for multiple pages within the file.  Most of the Concert Programs are multiple pages, and a few of the articles are as well.  The number of pages of each file listed below its picture icon in the word description.

[After the file downloads, if the user has the knowledge, a single page .PDF file can be converted to a .JPG file if so desired.  However, multiple page .PDF files will have to be dismantled page by page to be converted to multiple single page .JPG files.  For most users it's best to keep the files as .PDF files.]

To Download the files:  Click on the photo icon or the word description below it.  An extra browser window will open containing the .PDF file and its multiple pages.  Locate the download icon          in that browser window and click on it.  The file will download to whichever folder the user predesignated for downloaded files (usually named as the "Downloads" Folder on the computer). 
If there is no download icon, go to the browser's 'File' pull-down menu and select 'Save As.'  Remember to notice in which folder the file is being saved.

Once the file is downloaded (usually within a few seconds), that extra browser window can be closed, taking the user back to this browser window (this page) with the Gallery and photo icons.

Pre-Fall 1969 Gallery

1969-70 School Year Gallery

1970-71 School Year Gallery

1971-72 School Year Gallery