Dave Jones, high school rock band (1973)
Disneyland College Kids of the Kingdom (1975) (Dave, lower right)
Dave Jones, UW Marching Band (1976)
McFarland German Junior Band (1966)
McFarland German Junior Band (1966)
Dave Jones, 14, ready for first march (1969)
Corky May's Coalition (1978) (Dave, right, trumpet)
Deep Fried (1977) (Dave, left, guitar)
Skyway (1973) (Dave, lower left)
Sam Rivers and the Rivbea Orchestra (2012)
2016 UW Varsity Band Concert
2012 UW Varsity Band Concert (Tom Wopat-gtr., Mike Leckrone-Dir., David Jones, trpt.)
Dave, Main St. Philharmonic (2016)
Dave, Main St. Philharmonic (2016)
Future World Brass - Star Tours opening at Disney Hollywood Studios (1989) (Dave, kneeling, left)
Future Corps (1982) (Dave, center)
2016 Main St. Philharmonic (Dave, kneeling, left)

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