Composer... Arranger / Songwriter 

THIS... Is what I like to do.


Having arranged for a few big bands and other ensembles while living in Wisconsin, the move to Central Florida provided an opportunity to write for groups in the area as well as Disney.  The 12-piece brass arrangement is something I've fallen into.  The 3 main bands I've played in at Disney - EPCOT's Future Corps & Future World Brass, and the Magic Kingdom's Main St. Philharmonic, have all been in this format, so I've kind of stayed with it.  After that, composing for similar instrumentation, as well as many others, has come naturally, since I've always had song ideas since high school.

AWESOME BAND GEEKS is the name (suggested by an unsuspecting co-worker) for my online virtual group and the albums "A Study In Brass" and "Mustard Seed" are some of my previous collections.  I've slowly switched from making CDs and posting only audio to incorporating video production.  Like it's been said at Disney for many years, "People listen with their eyes."  While that may be true, the audio is available for download, too, for your listening pleasure.

"Fooling Yourself" is, of course, a Styx/Tommy Shaw tune that I always wanted to replace the synth with brass parts.  The remaining tracks are originals, all sounds played by myself, except when noted for features.  When one really cares to notice, there are some great players all around - and I wanted to feature some of them from the Central Florida area.  I'll be updating the track info and adding more music as I go.